The Method


My clients aren’t just strong:



The Benefits

Gain Mobility

Increase Strength

Prevent Injuries

Improve Posture

Develop Endurance

Boost Energy Levels

Refine Body Mechanics

“Fix” Muscle Imbalances

Achieve Total Body Alignment

Hours Teaching and Inspiring People

Years in the Fitness Industry



3 Part Signature System

JRx Method

Body Rolling

Using a 6-10 inch ball and the weight of your own body to free up common areas of tightness in the body, a series of rolling out sequences is blended with restorative exercises to align the body and help carry over that total body alignment into your day. It’s like a deep tissue massage you give yourself!

Bodyweight Training

A fusion of calisthenics and ground-based natural movement using only the weight of your body to develop true body control.

Resistance Training

Classic strength training is mixed with functional movement using resistive tubing, dumbells, kettlebells and stability balls for a total body moving experience that creates “useful strength.”

JRx Method

What People Are Saying

Jessica Regnante changed my life. After years of half-hearted attempts, with failed results, Jess was the first and only trainer to help me understand the fundamentals of exercise with her hands-on, highly personalized approach. She motivated me to lose almost 40 pounds, while gaining muscle. People constantly say “WOW, you look great”-and this is due in great part to Jess. After more than a year of working together, I consider her a dear friend and trusted fitness partner for life.”

-Andrew Koven

Jessica is an extraordinary teacher and inspiring coach. I particularly recommend her to those who have any physical limitation or pain whether it be due to age, injury, or disease. Many of my clients have made enormous strides in their efforts to attain greater functionality and fitness.

– Ken Kraft, Ph.D.
Faculty, Harvard Medical School

I have so much more energy now. I have a great sense of health and well-being and I feel 10 years younger! I highly recommend Jessica to anyone looking for a highly educated, professional, caring, energetic and gifted personal trainer.

-Eileen Murphy

Working with Jessica helps me do what I need to do. I function so much more effectively thanks to her training. And she’s FUN – always upbeat, optimistic, funny and thoughtful. She is very knowledgeable, I trust her advice and feedback, and really enjoy being around her. Jessica is an exclamation point kind of person!

-Susan Tuck, PhD

I have always been fit, but often powered through exercises using my strongest muscles, rather than the correct ones. Jessica has helped me focus on strengthening my weaker muscles and I’m in better shape than ever. Her enthusiasm and passion for teaching really helps me stay motivated and I truly look forward to our training session.

-Kathleen Faulkner

I am constantly struck by how much Jess knows about the human body. She uses her extraordinary knowledge to make sure that I’m not only getting stronger, but also avoiding injury. She is positive and enthusiastic and her constant energy makes what could be a tough hour feel like fun.

-Melora B.

In less than a year, Jessica got me into the best shape of my life. She trained me through 2 pregnancies, displaying creativity and cautiousness and a deep knowledge of the human body. Her knowledge is superior and her infectious personality is both motivating and inspiring.

– Suzanne S.

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